Insights from CollabraLink: Defining Culture-Driven Enterprise Risk Management

As young children, our parents do their best to protect us from harm. We’re taught not to play in the road or speak with strangers. As we grow and our environment changes, these foundational lessons guide us even when we are old enough to know better than to touch a hot stove.

When my wife and I had our first daughter, we had a very low Risk tolerance. We child-proofed every corner of the house, sanitized every surface, and never fed her candy. At that moment, our Risk radar was solid red. It was hard to see areas where there wasn’t danger around every corner. Over the years we relaxed, and by the time we had our third child, we stopped sanitizing surfaces that likely would never be touched and even allowed the youngest to eat that piece of candy Grandma was always trying to give the kids. Our Risk tolerance level raised significantly as we gained context on parenthood.

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Tim Kelly

With over a quarter-century of enterprise technology experience, Tim Kelly currently serves as the Vice President of Operational Excellence and Corporate Risk Officer at CollabraLink. Tim is responsible for driving continuous improvements for internal capabilities while championing positive transformation initiatives to deliver a best-in-class service experience. Tim graduated in 1994 with an undergraduate degree from the Thomas J Watson College of Engineering at Binghamton University, where he currently serves as a adjunct lecturer in various computer science classes, to include teaching both engineering ethics and enterprise risk management.
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