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Creating a Modern, Digital Government

I didn’t set out to build a company that was focused on Creating a Modern, Digital Government. That wasn’t…
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“A Completely Immersive Experience”: CollabraLink’s Transit Awards Management System (TrAMS) Help Desk Analysts Help America Receive CARES Act Funding During COVID-19

Many Information Technology (IT) professionals enter the field as Tier 1 Help Desk Analysts. Some shun what is perceived as a mundane role; however, our team’s experience has shown that the Tier 1 professional is vital to IT Operations. Absolutely nothing is routine about the TrAMS Help Desk, especially when you’re empowered through robust and rigorous training to help users acquire the funding they need to continue to safely operate this nation’s transit systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Human Centered Design: Generative and Evaluative User Research at the Speed of Agile

Using a human centered design (HCD) approach to produce government digital services involves getting to know your users (obviously!), but in the race to develop an Agile MVP, timing of initial user research is tricky!
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